since 1930...

Dr. Cap. Cav. Gr. Cr. Nicola De Cesare

...A Story of Tradition and Innovation:

Since 1930, an elegant presence has stood out on the horizon of the port of Salerno, encapsulating the grandeur of one of the oldest companies still active in the area. Captain Nicola De Cesare decided to lay the foundations of his ambitions in his beloved homeland, founding a company inspired by the sea. 

With the creation of a Maritime Agency, Captain De Cesare dedicated himself fervently to the development of the business, harmonizing it with the expansion of the port of Salerno. Active in public life for decades, he significantly contributed to the port's revival after the war years, promoting its modernization and the implementation of necessary infrastructure to emerge as a globally significant logistics center. As the port grew, the company expanded its scope into various sectors, creating international shipping services, embarking and disembarking, transportation, storage, and tourism. Supported by a highly specialized team, the company gained fame both in Italy and abroad for its dedication, precision, and customer care. Nicola De Cesare's heirs embraced his legacy, continuing the founder's values and traditions. With nearly a century of experience, the descendants transformed the company into a modern and vibrant entity, maintaining efficiency and precision, coupled with traditional values of punctuality, seriousness, and availability. 

The new generations of the De Cesare family, molded by the successful heritage preceding them, are now ready to lead the company with renewed vigor. With solid experience in the logistics sector and a renewed entrepreneurial spirit, they are redefining corporate goals to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Affirming their commitment to environmental sustainability, the company is making significant investments in ecological technologies and innovative approaches aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of its port activities. Similarly, an extension of the international network is underway through the establishment of strategic partnerships and the integration of cutting-edge digital technologies, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and increasing the accessibility of the services offered.

Today, the company continues its journey, guided by the teachings of the past and embracing the challenges of the present with the aid of technology and innovation, preparing to boldly shape the future of the logistics sector. 

The legacy of the De Cesare family is alive in the port of Salerno, a testament to a story of success, dedication, and service to the community and local economy.






Terminal Services

Our cargo storage service at the terminal offers a reliable and secure solution for the storage of bulk goods and the rapid unloading of containers, ensuring efficient and safe solutions for managing your goods. At our terminal, we provide an efficient infrastructure to meet the needs of clients from various industries with a particular focus on quality and safety, improving the logistics flow and optimizing operational costs. A modern computer system allows for rapid knowledge of the status of stored goods, ensuring efficient and constant monitoring.

Maritime Agency

Our company is proud to offer a comprehensive maritime agency service, providing professional and personalized assistance for all maritime transport needs. With in-depth industry knowledge and a vast network of contacts, we ensure efficient and smooth port operations for ships and cargo of all types. Additionally, we offer 360° support for cruise ships, taking care of every detail for both the crew and passengers.


Third-Party Transport Service for Bulk Goods and/or Containers. We offer customized transport solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. With years of experience in the industry, we ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Cargo Unloading and Loading

With deep expertise in the maritime sector, we are committed to handling every phase of the unloading and/or loading process with care and precision. Our highly skilled team manages the movement of goods, their sorting, and the necessary procedures. We ensure that every transition is handled smoothly, guaranteeing that the goods are moved safely and reach their destination in the shortest possible time.

customs operations

We offer a specialized service to handle all customs procedures for your international shipments. Our expert team takes care of document preparation, communications with customs authorities, and shipment monitoring, ensuring the rapid delivery of your goods. With us, you can save time and resources, ensuring regulatory compliance and the security of your shipments.

Customs Warehouse

Our covered customs warehouse offers a secure and compliant solution for the storage of goods during import and export operations. With the approval of customs authorities, we ensure adherence to current regulations. Our covered warehouses provide protection from the elements and a controlled environment to keep goods safe. With our document management and operational flexibility, we can adapt to the specific needs of our clients. Depending on the type of goods (containers, various goods, bulk or packaged), we offer clients the possibility of customs-controlled storage within the port, both in open areas and closed warehouses.

International                    shipments

Our international shipping service offers efficient and secure solutions for transporting your goods worldwide. We manage every stage of the shipment, from customs documentation preparation to final delivery, ensuring quick turnaround times and competitive costs. With a global network of reliable partners and dedicated customer support, we ensure that your shipments arrive on time and in perfect condition.

travel agency

Our travel agency offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your travel needs. We handle flight and accommodation bookings, create personalized vacation packages, manage business trips, and organize cruises. Additionally, we provide travel insurance and assistance with obtaining visas and travel documents. With years of experience and 24/7 support, we guarantee safe, comfortable, and worry-free travel. Contact us to plan your next trip and experience an unforgettable journey.

our commitment, your security...

RELIABILITY certified... 

European Authorised Economic Operator Status - Customs simplifications

This certification was introduced on 1 January 2008 following the changes made by the EEC Regulation and is valid throughout the European Community. It may be applied to economic operators who prove to be creditable in terms of reliability and security and who, following checks by the Customs Authority, prove compliance with customs obligations, compliance with the criteria laid down for the accounting system, financial solvency and compliance with appropriate security standards. The status of Authorised Economic Operator allows economic operators to benefit from direct or indirect advantages and facilitations and simplifications in customs and/or security matters. In order to obtain recognition of AEO status, it is necessary to request the competent Customs Office to activate a specific audit action. In other words, the AEO certification is an internationally recognised quality mark.

Dr. cap. Nicola De Cesare s.r.l has obtained the AEO IT AEOC Certificate 18 1463 - effective date 11/07/2018.

iso 9001
Quality Certificate ISO 9001

Choosing to Certify Quality ISO 9001, Dr. Cap. Nicola De Cesare S.r.l. demonstrates concretely to strive for maximum customer satisfaction, to want to optimize its production processes, to be ready to manage market changes, and to organize its company to better meet the expectations and requirements of its customers by containing operating costs and making the entire organizational structure aware that working in a perspective of continuous improvement can only bring advantages for customers and therefore for the whole company. (Questionnaire "Customer satisfaction")

International Air Transport Association

International Air Transport Association is the global category association of airlines that operate regular scheduled services, to which more than 200 carriers belong. The air transport industry has developed over time through agents, as intermediaries in various markets. The freight forwarder has always ensured the ideal link between the customer and the Airlines. Among other things, IATA Agent can issue air bills directly. In order to obtain and maintain Registration as an IATA Agent, you must meet strict quality and quantitative requirements, such as qualified personnel, financial parameters, appropriate premises and equipment, compliance with national regulations.

The IATA code of Dr. Cap. Nicola De Cesare s.r.l is 38287863.


It is the main representative organization of manufacturing and service enterprises in Italy. 

 Dr. Chap. Nicola De Cesare S.r.l. is proud to join this association since 1944.

Salerno Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of commerce industry and agriculture of salerno

The Chamber of Commerce of Salerno supports the local economic development by managing the Register of Companies and providing advice for the creation and growth of the company. It promotes the territory through events and fairs, ensures compliance with commercial regulations and disseminates economic data useful for market analysis. These activities make the Chamber of Commerce an essential reference point for the competitiveness of the provincial economy. Dr. Cap. Nicola De Cesare S.r.l. is proud to join this association since 1970


National register for the road haulage of things on behalf of third parties The exercise of the activity of road haulage in Italy is regulated by the regulations issued by the Ministry of Transport that obligatorily provide for the registration of carriers in a special register. The abusive exercise of the activity of road haulage previews penalties also of criminal type. Own number of registration to the Register is SA/7106728/M.

National Council Italian Shippers

Il Consiglio Nazionale degli Spedizionieri Doganali è un ente che rappresenta e tutela la professione degli spedizionieri doganali in Italia. Le sue principali funzioni includono la regolamentazione e la supervisione della professione, garantendo che gli operatori rispettino le normative vigenti. Il Consiglio promuove anche la formazione continua e l'aggiornamento professionale degli spedizionieri, assicurando competenza e professionalità nel settore. Inoltre, agisce come intermediario tra le istituzioni pubbliche e gli spedizionieri doganali, fornendo consulenza e supporto per affrontare le questioni normative e operative relative alle attività doganali.

Legal Entity Identifier

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies legal entities in global financial markets. Includes background information and the applicant’s corporate structure. The data is published and updated daily in the LEI database, managed by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).

Alexander Stripling
Rappresentanza diretta e indiretta

Dr. Cap. Nicola De Cesare S.r.l. is accredited to the Customs Administration through the institution of indirect representation in customs. Dr. Cap. Nicola De Cesare S.r.l. also holds the authorization to operate at the customs warehouse/ VAT warehouse, always located in its terminal in Salerno .


head quarter

Via Roma 280, Salerno, SA